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OMIG reconfirms ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION

On 14th March 2019 we got the annual visit from DNV Certification authority, in order to verify that all company depts respect very precise guidelines required by ISO 9001:2015 rules.


At the end of the audit, we got the result we expected and we hoped too of course: DNV RECONFIRMED OUR QUALITY CERTIFICATE that we are very proud of since the extremely strict rules and the FULL RANGE OF COMPANY ACTIVITIES involved in DNV verification process.

So, we believe we could reconfirm our full QUALITY thanks to our team who works everyday to keep this present high QUALITY STANDARD.


We’d like to remind this new regulations are focused on 2 main concepts of ORGANICITY and TRANSPARENCY: from objectives definition to their achievement and also the detailed and essential RESOURCES management, growth and optimization. In this case, RESOURCES include everything is needed to keep the company productive: financial assets, machineries, tools and all external and internal entities like environment, employees, suppliers and COMPETITORS!


We are so proud of this HIGH QUALITY CERTIFICATE not only connected with our products but mostly with the full production process. We are also glad to pass these high standards of quality  to all customers who rely on OMIG for their important orders.