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Cylindrical Gear Teeth

The cylindrical gear teeth processing is Omig’s core business. As a matter of fact, significant investments have been made in this department over the past few years to improve its performance and make it high-tech.

Today, Omig has 19 hobbing machines having the following features:

gear hobbing machines with automatic feeding system

manual gear hobbing machines

fellows gear shapers

This wide range of machines allows Omig to manufacture the following components:

Cylindrical gears (straight and helical) made with hobbing machines with a maximum diameter of 600 mm, a module of 25.00 and maximum length of 1200 mm.

Cylindrical gears (internal and external) made with Fellows gear shapers with a maximum diameter of 400 mm, a module of max. 6.00 and maximum length of 90 mm, in addition to the 0/12 inclined gear teeth processed with Fellows gear shaper.

These types of processing are carried out using high-tech machines, some of which are equipped with robotised cells, such as:


CLC 260 H

CLC W600

CLC 200

CLC 100